Assign a Category to Bless Cash Orders - Shipping Rules

Bless customers have the option to pay for orders in various ways. If the order was paid with a different method other than a credit card (cash, check, or giveaway) then the order will pull in with the Pop-Up or retailer's address instead of the customers. To prevent the order from being sent incorrectly, you can flag those specific orders with a color category label on the ORDERS page. These are called Order Categories.

Order Categories give you the advantage of highlighting orders that may need to be reviewed prior to shipping. Order Categories correspond to a specific color. When you set up the Order Category, you can choose which color to assign to it. [Learn more about Order Categories.]

  1. For example, "Check Ship-to Address".

  2. Set the "IF" condition to the variable Zone then is equal to 1.

    • Zone | is equal to | 1

    if zone is equal to1
  3. Set the "THEN" action to Assign to a category | Check Ship-to Address.

    then assign to a category check ship to address


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