Add "Signature Confirmation" to High-Value Orders - Shipping Rules

For high-value items, adding Signature Confirmation provides additional assurance that the package has been delivered to the intended destination. Creating a Shipping Rule for this allows you to automatically add it to your orders. A common condition that this rule is applied to is "Order Total" ensuring that expensive shipments get extra protection.

Keep in mind that Signature Confirmation does not equate to insuring your package. 


Any rule applying a confirmation option requires that a Shipping Preset is also applied via a Shipping Rule. This is because each confirmation option is dependent on the carrier selection. A Shipping Presets can be applied as a separate rule or within the same rule.  In either case, the Shipping Preset rule/action must be placed before the delivery confirmation rule/action.  Learn how to create a Shipping Preset or take a look at our example Shipping Rule to apply a Shipping Preset to shipments over 1 pound.

  1. For example, "Signature Confirmation."

  2. Set the "IF" condition. Since we are applying this rule to high-value orders, we will set:

    if the order total is greater than
    • Order total | Is greater than | (specify amount)

  3. Set the first "THEN" action to apply Set shipping preset:

    Then rule showing set shipping preset
    • Set shipping preset | (specify saved Shipping Preset)

    Click Add and set the second "THEN" action to apply a confirmation option. Since we want the carrier to receive a Signature before delivering the package, we will set:

    then set confirmation option to signature
    • Set confirmation option | Signature


You will want to move this Shipping Rule beneath the Shipping Rule that applies the Priority Mail Saved Selection to the order. This way, the Priority Mail service will already be applied to the order and the system can add the confirmation option. Learn more about ordering your rules.


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