File a UPS One Balance Insurance Claim | How To

Coverage is provided through [Shipsurance] for shipments created with UPS One Balance from ShippingEasy. All UPS One Balance shipments include maximum liability coverage of $100 for all shipments at no cost, known as [UPS Declared Value]. You have the option of declaring a higher item value when creating the label and will pay an additional charge to cover the amount declared. [Learn more about insurance costs.]

File a Claim for Lost or Damaged Packages Only

This claim form is only for lost or damaged packages shipped through UPS One Balance from ShippingEasy. If your package was shipped under a UPS account opened outside of ShippingEasy, go to to file your claim.

To submit an insurance claim request for a UPS One Balance shipment, complete the UPS One Balance from ShippingEasy survey form for a lost or damaged package.

To avoid any delays in processing your claim, please provide all the required information and include photos of the damaged items (if applicable).

Claims Requirements:

  • All claims must be submitted within 60 days after the shipment date.

  • If you shipped using Next Day Air on a Friday to receive Saturday Delivery you must have selected the Saturday Delivery option for the order or the next true business day will be Monday and will still fall under the Service Guarantee set by UPS

  • Claims can take up to three weeks to be processed.

  • If a claim is denied, you may appeal by submitting a new claim with new or updated information.

  • Claims with partially filled claims forms cannot be processed. If there is an issue with your submitted claims form, you will be notified via email.

Request UPS One Balance Guaranteed Service Refund

UPS offers a Guaranteed Service Refund for all packages not delivered by the date and time indicated for delivery when the shipment was processed.

UPS will either credit or refund the transportation charges for each such shipment to the payer only. The payer must initiate the request to receive the refund, provided the conditions set forth in the UPS Service Guarantee are met. Learn more about the UPS Service Guarantee.

To request a UPS Guaranteed Service Refund for a package sent using your ShippingEasy UPS One Balance account, please fill out the UPS One Balance Guaranteed Service Refund Form and one of our support agents will contact you.


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