Edit a Shipment in a Batch | How To

Learn how to view and edit a single shipment within a batch on the BATCHES page.

What can you edit on a shipment level in a batch?

  • Order Address

  • Order Weight

  • Customs Information

What cannot be edited on a shipment level in a batch?

  • Carrier Information, as this is set for the entire batch. If you need to change any of the carrier information or packaging for an individual order, you will have to delete it from the batch by clicking on the X next to the order.

Edit an Shipment Within a Batch

  1. Locate and click on the batch to expand it.

    Select the batch you wish to update
  2. Click on the order for which you would like to update the shipment. The shipment information for the order will be displayed.

  3. Edit the appropriate information by clicking on the Edit links, enabling available options, and/or by entering the correct information into the available fields.



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