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Globegistics Inc. is a premier mailing logistics and distribution organization for large-volume mailers and ecommerce companies. They provide cost-effective and efficient delivery of mail publications and parcels throughout the United States and to more than 200 countries and territories worldwide. Their advanced approach to global distribution will benefit both you and your customers.

Globegistics is Now Asendia USA

Asendia customers can connect with ShippingEasy through Globegistics. Let your Asendia/Globegistics rep know that you would like a ShippingEasy account, and we will be in touch with you to set this up.

Globegistics Integration Requirements

To create a Globegistics account for use with ShippingEasy, contact Globegistics:

Connection Requirements:

  • An active Globegistics account

  • Account username and password

End of Day Manifest:

Globegistics requires a manifest that summarizes all shipping labels created on a given day. Learn more about creating and printing a Globegistics End of Day manifest.

Connect Globegistics to ShippingEasy

To connect a Globegistics account to ShippingEasy:

  1. Scroll down to the entry for Globegistics and click Connect Globegistics.

  2. Fill in your Account Username and Account Password.

    Globegistics Account Information screen with red box drawn around Account Username and Account Password fields.
  3. Click Connect Account.

Available Services

When you configure ShippingEasy to use your Globegistics account, ShippingEasy uses your Globegistics Username and Password to determine which specific Globegistics services are available to your account. If some services are listed, but other services are missing, contact Globegistics to verify that your account is correctly configured.

Globegistics Services Available in ShippingEasy:


  • eCom Domestic

  • eCom Extra


  • eCom Extra

  • eCom IPA

  • eCom ISAL

  • eCom Packet

  • eCom Tracked DDP

  • eCom Tracked DDU

Create an End of Day Manifest

Globegistics requires an End of Day manifest that summarizes all of the shipping labels you have created on a given day.

After you have created all Globegistics labels for the day, you can print your End of Day manifest from the SHIPMENT HISTORY page:

Special Considerations for Globegistics

Shipping with Globegistics

  • If your account has eCom Extra enabled, you will see both international and domestic shipments listed as services in ShippingEasy even if Globegistics has only enabled it for international shipments.

  • All customs information for Globegistics international shipments is handled electronically when you create the shipping label. There is no need to create a printed copy of the customs form or commercial invoice, so there is no option on the SHIPMENT HISTORY page to do so.

  • Return labels are not supported by Globegistics.

  • The shipment date on Globegistics labels is automatically populated based on the current date. No other date can be set.

  • Our direct connection with Globegistics requires a Company Name to be included with any addresses. If a Company Name is not provided, the Recipient's name will also be populated in the Company Name field, resulting in two instances of the recipient's name.

  • The Sender's Signature for Globegistics labels is set when you create your Globegistics account. The signature saved within your ShippingEasy INTERNATIONAL SHIPMENTS settings is not applied to Globegistics labels. Please contact your Asendia/Globegistics rep if you need to update the Sender's Signature.

  • Amazon orders will show "Other" as the carrier in ShippingEasy when shipping with Globegistics.

Rate Quotes

  • The software provided to ShippingEasy by Globegistics does not support the display of rate quotes for your shipping labels. All shipping costs for Globegistics labels created within ShippingEasy show a cost of $0.00.

Tracking International Shipments

  • All Globegistics international shipments can be tracked at Once there, click the "Track Your Parcel" button at the top of the screen and type in your tracking number.

  • Once a label is successfully generated via ShippingEasy, the first tracking event will occur on the Globegistics website.

  • When notifying your customers, your Shipment Confirmation email template should include:

    • Globegistics website link

    • Tracking number

  • eCom ePacket shipments can also be tracked at Tracking events on the USPS website will begin once Globegistics has exported the parcel.


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