DHL eCommerce with ShippingEasy

DHL eCommerce Solutions is a parcel delivery service for high-volume sellers shipping domestically and internationally. Within ShippingEasy, customers can generate DHL eCommerce labels, end-of-day manifests and manage these shipments.

Interested in shipping with DHL eCommerce? Contact DHL eCommerce Solutions for a quote to start shipping!

DHL eCommerce Integration Requirements

Connection Requirements:

ShippingEasy Cannot Provide API Keys

Contact your DHL eCommerce account manager directly to generate your API keys.

Shipping Requirements:

  • Dimensions must be included on all DHL eCommerce shipments.

  • Manifests are required for domestic and international DHL eCommerce shipments.

  • Delivery confirmation is required for all DHL services except:

    • Marketing Parcel Expedited

    • Packet Priority

    • Packet IPA

Connect DHL eCommerce to ShippingEasy

To connect a DHL eCommerce account to ShippingEasy:

  1. Scroll down to the entry for DHL eCommerce and click Connect DHL eCommerce.

    Box highlights Connect DHL eCommerce button
  2. Fill in the following information for your DHL eCommerce account:

    • Client ID

    • Username

    • Password

    • Pickup Number

    • Distribution Center

    • API Key

    • API Secret

    Box highlights 7 fields for DHL eCommerce account info
  3. Click Connect Account.

Available Services

When you configure ShippingEasy to use your DHL eCommerce account, ShippingEasy uses your DHL eCommerce Username and Password to determine which specific DHL eCommerce services are available to your account. If some services are listed, but other services are missing, contact DHL eCommerce to verify that your account is correctly configured.

DHL eCommerce Services Available in ShippingEasy:


  • Parcel Expedited

  • Parcel Plus Expedited

  • Parcel Ground

  • Parcel Plus Ground

  • Bound Printed Matter Expedited

  • Bound Printed Matter Ground

  • Marketing Parcel Expedited


  • Packet IPA

  • Packet Plus

  • Packet Priority

  • Parcel Direct Express DDP

  • Parcel Direct Express DDU

  • Parcel Direct Priority DDP

  • Parcel Direct Priority DDU

  • Parcel Standard

Creating DHL eCommerce Manifests

It is required to manifest DHL eCommerce shipments each day. Without a manifest, DHL will not be able to process the shipment.

  • Separate requests are not necessary to create international and domestic manifests. You can create a manifest from a single request. Multiple manifests will be received back if there are multiple shipment dates, multiple origins, or multiple destination types (international vs. domestic).

  • Up to 500 shipments can be put onto a single DHL manifest. If there are more than 500 shipments, ShippingEasy will automatically return multiple manifests.

  • When submitting a manifest request, it will manifest all DHL shipments that have not yet been manifested.

DHL eCommerce Driver's Manifest Shipment Summary




1. Soldto #

DHL account number. DHL will provide this number during account setup.

2. Pickup #

The pickup location. DHL will provide this number during account setup.

3. Customer

Your name and address information, as stored with your USPS postage account.

4. Date / Time

Noted in UTC time.

5. Processing Facility

The address where the shipments will be processed.

6. BOL #

Bill of Lading.

7. Shipment Summary

Details the service selected, quantity of packages included, and weight of total shipment.

8. To be completed by driver if empty

Container ID, Container Type, Scan on Pickup, Total Containers.

9. Shipper Signature & Date and Driver Signature & Date

Sign and date the bottom of the form before the driver picks up your packages.

Errors with Manifests Must Be Resolved by DHL

If there is an error with the manifest generated by ShippingEasy and it has been received by DHL eCommerce, you will need to reach out to your DHL account manager for assistance in resolving the issue.

Special Considerations for DHL eCommerce

  • DHL eCommerce labels cannot be canceled within ShippingEasy. If the label has not yet been scanned into the carrier system, your account will not be charged.

  • Returns are not allowed on DHL eCommerce shipments.

  • DHL eCommerce does not support APO addresses.

  • DHL eCommerce supports shipments valued up to $2500. Learn more about DHL eCommerce shipment limitations.

  • DHL eCommerce does not provide rate quotes. You will not see any cost information on the ORDERS or BATCHES pages. Shipments will show a cost of N/A on the READY TO PRINT and SHIPMENT HISTORY pages.

Disconnect a Carrier

If you want to disconnect a carrier, simply click Disconnect to the right of the carrier name:

Box highlights Disconnect option


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