APC Postal Logistics with ShippingEasy

APC Postal Logistics has a creative approach to international logistics that helps mailers and eCommerce businesses with their foreign and domestic distribution of journals, magazines, direct mail, and small parcels. Their innovative programs result in faster delivery times, reduced claims, and provide a better overall experience for your international members and customers.

APC Postal Logistics Integration Requirements

Connection Requirements:

  • Account Username

  • Account Password

Contact APC

  • Phone: 866-892-3487

  • Email: shippingeasy@apc-pli.com

Connect APC Postal Logistics to ShippingEasy

To connect a APC Postal account to ShippingEasy:

  1. Click Connect APC button.

  2. Fill in your Account Username and Account Password.

  3. Click the Connect Account button.

Available Services

When you configure ShippingEasy to use your APC Postal Logistics account, ShippingEasy uses your APC Postal Logistics Username and Password to determine which specific APC Postal Logistics services are available to your account. If some services are listed but other services are missing, contact APC Postal Logistics to verify that your account is correctly configured.

APC Services Available in ShippingEasy:

International Services

  • parcelConnect Expedited DDU

  • parcelConnect Expedited DDP

  • parcelConnect Priority DDU

  • parcelConnect Priority DDU w/Delcon

  • parcelConnect Priority DDU PQW

  • parcelConnect ePacket DDU

  • parcelConnect Priority DDP

  • parcelConnect Priority DDP w/Delcon

  • parcelConnect Standard DDU

  • parcelConnect Standard DDU PQW

  • parcelConnect Book Service

Special Considerations for APC Postal Logistics

Shipping with APC Postal Logistics

  • All customs information for APC Postal Logistics international shipments is handled electronically when you create the shipping label. There is no need to create a printed copy of the customs form or commercial invoice, so there is no option on the SHIPMENT HISTORY page for creating a customs form on APC Postal Logistics shipments.

  • APC Postal Logistics does not support return shipment labels at this time.

  • APC Postal Logistics labels can include:

    • Date

    • Signature


      Only one APC Postal Logistics service, ePacket, provides the option for a signature on the label. However, the signature for ePacket is not required.

Tracking International Shipments

The following international services are available for APC tracking:

  • parcelConnect Expedited DDU

  • parcelConnect Expedited DDP

  • parcelConnect Priority DDU w/Delcon

  • parcelConnect ePacket DDU

  • parcelConnect Priority DDP w/Delcon

All shipments can be tracked on APC Postal Logistics' site. Once a label is successfully generated via ShippingEasy, the first tracking event will occur on the APC Postal Logistics website. For additional information, reach out to the APC Postal Logistics at info@apc-pli.com.

When notifying your customers, your Shipment Confirmation email template should include:

  • APC website link

  • Tracking number


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