How do I export orders from LulaRoe BLESS?

You can import your LulaRoe orders from BLESS into ShippingEasy with our CSV upload tool. Importing your orders via CSV is an easy way to send just as few or thousands of orders to ShippingEasy all at once. Learn more about sending your orders to ShippingEasy via a CSV import.

First, you will need to export your orders from BLESS in a CSV file. Use the following steps to export your orders from BLESS.

To export your orders from BLESS in a CSV file:

  1. Log into BLESS, and go to Orders from the top navigation.

  2. Select one of the two options for exporting a CSV file from the Orders page:

    • Export to CSV: This option is best for [exporting customer contact information].

      The CSV export may include blank column headers, typically in columns K and L. You must delete these columns and save the CSV file before importing to ShippingEasy to prevent uploading errors.

    • Export for ShippingEasy: This option is best for exporting basic order and customer information to a CSV file but excludes customer email addresses.

      Without the "Email" column in the CSV file, no email addresses will import with the orders. ShippingEasy will not be able to send [shipping confirmation emails] to your customers. If you need customer email addresses included with your orders, use the Export to CSV option.

  3. Upload your orders into ShippingEasy using our guide to importing orders via a CSV file.


For assistance with exporting your orders, please contact BLESS support.


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