Add a Signup Form Link to my Store Website | How To

Signup Forms provide a dedicated signup page where your prospective contacts can sign up to receive newsletters, promotions, and other future store announcements. ShippingEasy's Customer Marketing can quickly and easily create a signup form link that can then be shared directly with customers, inserted into the navigation menu or used as a button on your store.

To get started, create a Signup Form link:

  1. Navigate to Signup Forms under the Marketing dropdown.
  2. Identify your desired store, and click the "Get Shareable URL" button.
  3. Click the Copy icon next to your URL.
    You can also preview your form by clicking the URL itself; your store name and store logo (both store variables) may be modified in your STORE SETTINGS page if needed.

You now have a signup form available to share with your prospective contacts. Next, find out the ways you can incorporate it into your website.

To insert the link into your navigational menu:

A common way to get visibility to your signup form is to add the option to signup directly within, or around your primary navigation bar of your store. While every platform is specific as to how to add navigation or menu items, most are fairly simple and involve no HTML input. All you need is your copied URL to insert as a new navigational option.

Example 1:

Example 2:

To add a link as a button:

You can also add a button to your website to draw visitors to sign up for your form. Following the steps from above, copy your URL. Then, use a free button maker to make a button to embed on your website with your URL signup page as the button link.

Example 1:

Example 2:


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