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By default ShippingEasy displays product names from the data included in each order. ShippingEasy can instead, however, display names from the product catalog. This is useful when you sell the same product in more than one store, if the item name from your store is too long, or has too many details.

As an example, let's say you sell the same product in two stores with a different name on each. ShippingEasy can display a single product name for all orders from both stores. The product must have the same SKU on both stores.

ShippingEasy will display the product's name from the ShippingEasy product catalog everywhere, including:

  • ORDERS page

  • Packing slips

  • Pick lists

  • Shipping labels

  • Email messages

If your product has SKU aliases, orders for products that have an alias SKU will also display the name from the product catalog. Learn more about setting up an alias SKU.

Orders for products that contain SKU variants will display the variant information that is defined in the ShippingEasy product catalog (color, size, etc.). Learn more about setting up SKU variants.

Products defined in your store as SKU variants but in ShippingEasy's product catalog as regular SKUs will not display variant information (color, size, etc.) unless the variant information was saved as part of the product name in ShippingEasy's product catalog.

Existing Orders

Enabling this option does not change the display of existing orders in ShippingEasy.

To change the display of existing orders, you must re-run shipping rules after enabling the option. Learn how to re-run shipping rues.

Override the Product Name for a Single Product

  1. Go to the PRODUCTS, then select CATALOG from the drop-down menu.

  2. Click on the SKU or product name that you want to update.

    product sku and item name marked
  3. Select Edit on the product's details page.

  4. Check the box for the "Override Store Name" option.


Override the Product Name for Multiple Products

  1. Export your product catalog from ShippingEasy. Learn how to download your product data.

  2. Edit the CSV file and for each SKU where you want the product catalog named used, set the value to "On".

  3. Import the modified CSV file back into ShippingEasy. Learn more.



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