Troubleshoot Amazon Orders

Below are troubleshooting tips for syncing Amazon and Merchant Fulfilled orders. For help with Prime orders, see our troubleshooting guide to shipping Amazon Prime orders.

All of your orders are missing:

If you upgraded to an Amazon Professional Seller account, you may need to reauthorize ShippingEasy as a developer.

First, check to see that your Amazon store is connected in your ShippingEasy STORES & ORDERS settings. If your store is not connected, a red "Disconnected" error will appear above the store name. See the steps for connecting your store in our Amazon integration guide.

It is taking a long time for your orders to sync:

The Amazon Buy Shipping API limits the number of requests ShippingEasy can make during a certain time frame. This is called "throttling." Learn more about how throttling affects Amazon order updates.

If you have clicked the Sync with Store option multiple times in a short time period, please wait at least half an hour before attempting to download your orders again.


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