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When working with your products in ShippingEasy, there may be a time when you will need to export your products via CSV. It is faster and easier to make updates such as editing all the product weights in an Excel file if your store automatically populates the product catalog or if there are a large number of SKUs. Additionally, if you have previously imported products and then make changes to your store listing, the products will need to be re-imported into ShippingEasy to reflect the changes. You can achieve this by exporting the products and then uploading the CSV back to ShippingEasy.

ShippingEasy makes this process quick and convenient.

Follow these steps to export your product data:

  1. Go to PRODUCTS then CATALOG from the drop-down.

  2. Click on the Export Products button at the top of the Products page. Then select which products to include in the CSV: Active Products, All Products (Active & Inactive), or Only Filtered Products.

    • Active Products: downloads only your active products

    • All Products (Active & Inactive): downloads your active and inactive products

    • Only Filtered Products: downloads only the products in your current filtered view of the Product Catalog

  3. ShippingEasy will send you an email with the CSV document. It can take a while depending on how many products are being downloaded. The following data is included in the download and can be edited before re-uploading the products:

    • SKU

    • Alias SKUs (SKU | SKU)

    • Bundled SKUs (SKU: Qty | SKU: Qty)

    • Name - for variants, will include attributes

    • UPC

    • ASIN

    • ISBN

    • Weight (oz.)

    • Length (in.)

    • Width (in.)

    • Height (in.)

    • Declared Value

    • Wholesale Price

    • Country of Manufacture

    • Warehouse Bin (displayed on Product Details page)

    • Harmonized Code

    • Category

    • Tags

    • Active

    • Override Store Name

    • Adjust Stock

    • Low Stock Threshold

    • Handling time

    • Send Inventory Updates to Store

    • Suppliers (Supplier Name: Supplier SKU: Unit Cost)

    • Safety Stock

    • Max Available Quantity

    • Lead Time

    • FBA Low Stock Threshold


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