Buy Labels and Packing Slips Simultaneously | How To

Now you can buy and print your labels and packing slips together from the ORDERS page using Buy Labels or from the READY TO SHIP page using Buy & Print Label.

Buy Labels from the ORDERS Page

Buy Labels couples oversight with efficiency, using the automation that you build to provide rate quotes on the ORDERS page. You can then select which orders you're ready to ship and purchase labels - all from the ORDERS page.

If an order has a Shipping Presets assigned by a Shipping Rule, ShippingEasy will try to get a rate quote. If the rate quote is successful, a label can be purchased from the ORDERS page by selecting the order and then clicking the Buy Labels button.

Even better, multiple orders can be selected at once, regardless of different Shipping Presets. Buy Labels offers all of the benefits of batching without the need to make sure all orders are being shipped the same way - plus the convenience of Quick Ship!

Required Settings for Printing Packing Slips with Labels via Buy Labels

Your Domestic and International Label Output Format selections in your Label Settings cannot include a packing slip. This is to prevent printing duplicate packing slips.

Supported Domestic Label Output Format Selections:

Valid domestic label formats highlighted

Supported International Label Output Format Selections:

valid international label formats

Steps to Buy Labels and Packing Slips from ORDERS Page

  1. Select the orders that you are ready to ship

  2. Click the Buy Labels button.

  3. Check the Print Packing Slips checkbox to print packing slips with your labels and click the Buy button:



    If you don't see the 'Print Packing Slips' checkbox, check your Label settings to make sure you have an output label format that includes a packing slip.

A progress bar will be displayed during the purchase and printing process. You have the option to wait for the purchase and print processes to complete, or you may click on the Close button to exit out of this dialog at any time to continue using ShippingEasy.


Click the Done button to dismiss the Buy & Print window.


Will labels and packing slips go to my printer or to my print queue on the READY TO PRINT page?

It depends on whether or not you have integrated your printer with ShippingEasy via ConnectEasy.

Buy & Print Label on the READY TO SHIP Page

ShippingEasy's READY TO SHIP page provides easy rate assignment, straightforward shipping options, money-saving rate comparisons, custom box/package selection, and a concise postage cost summary! This is where you can configure your packages, select rates, and add insurance.

Required Settings for Printing Packing Slips with Labels via Buy & Print Label

To buy labels and print the label and packing slip simultaneously from the READY TO SHIP page, you must have ConnectEasy enabled and a ConnectEasy printer configuration for the type of carrier label being printed. If you have a ConnectEasy carrier label assignment for the label being purchased, the Buy & Print Label button will be enabled.

Purchasing Labels and Printing Labels and Packing Slips Simultaneously

  1. Select a single order or batch from the Orders window on the left.

  2. Fill out the Carrier Services and Packaging for the order or batch.

  3. Click the drop-down selector on the Buy & Print Label button and select 'Labels & Packing Slips'.


Clicking the 'Labels & Packing Slips' selection on the Buy & Print Label button will result in the labels being purchased first. Next, the labels will be sent to the ConnectEasy printer configured to the label type and the packing slips will be sent to the printer configured for packing slips.

How are the labels and packing slips ordered on print?

When printing more than one label (i.e. a batch), labels will print in batches based on the carrier (USPS, UPS, FedEx, or consolidator) and the destination (domestic or international), where the order within each batch is determined by the Print My Labels by setting on the Labels settings page.

All packing slips will print according to the order specified by the Print My Labels by setting on the Label settings page.

Learn more about label and packing slip print order.



This is not clear. What type of label do I need to put in my printer to print postage?

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