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Within ShippingEasy, the "insured value" for FedEx shipments refers to the "declared value". For shipments without a declared value, FedEx's maximum liability is $100 for damages or losses at no cost.

It is important to call out that FedEx declared value is not insurance. The declared value of a package is FedEx's maximum liability for loss or damage due to its mishandling of the shipment. FedEx does not provide any kind of insurance. Find details in FedEx's 2021 Service Guide. In contrast, third-party insurance provides protection, whether or not FedEx contributed to the loss or damage.

If you are shipping a package valued at over $100 and want liability protection, you have two options:

  • Specify a higher declared value through FedEx: This comes at an additional fee. The steps below show how to declare a specific value with FedEx.
  • Purchase insurance through Shipsurance: ShippingEasy's insurance partner provides heavily discounted rates. Insurance protects you against loss or damage that may not be covered by FedEx. Learn about shipment insurance.

Notes about FedEx Declared Value Coverage

  • Adding a Declared Value to a FedEx shipment will increase the cost of your shipment. On the READY TO SHIP page, the Fees line in "Your Shipping Cost" will reflect the FedEx estimate for the Declared Value coverage.
  • If you specify a Declared Value of $500 or more then FedEx will automatically include their Direct Signature Confirmation service. You do not need to explicitly select Direct Signature Confirmation.
  • For multi-box shipments, the FedEx Declared Value is applied to each box in the shipment. For example: if you specify $150 as the Declared Value and there are three boxes in the shipment, then the declared value for each of those boxes is $150 ($450 total for the order), not $50 per box.

Specifying FedEx Declared Value in ShippingEasy

  1. With a FedEx shipment prepared on the READY TO SHIP page, locate the "Insurance Options" section within the "Carrier Selections" panel.
  2. Check the box Add Insurance.
  3. From the Provider menu, select FedEx Declared Value.
  4. Enter the repair or replacement value (in US dollars) of your shipment in the Insure to the value of field.
  5. Select Update to see the Fees.

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