Can I run reports on Fulfillment by Amazon orders and inventory?

Yes! ShippingEasy makes it simple to view and run reports on all your orders, shipments, and products. Amazon merchants have the option to import Amazon Fulfillment Network (FBA) shipments, as well as available inventory at FBA warehouses.

To view FBA shipments and/or available inventory levels in ShippingEasy: You will first need to enable the option to import this data into ShippingEasy. See our step-by-step guide to importing FBA shipments and inventory.

Once enabled, all of your FBA shipments and available inventory levels will be included in your reports alongside your other Amazon orders and products. This means that they are included in the existing Amazon "Store" filter.


Unshipped FBA order data cannot be synced to ShippingEasy.

Reports that include FBA shipments and inventory:


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