Favorite Settings: Basic & Advanced

Welcome to ShippingEasy! To get started, log into ShippingEasy and visit our Welcome page to walk through the first steps.

Then customize your account by configuring these features to make ShippingEasy even more powerful.

Basic Settings

Add Orders

ShippingEasyintegrates with many store platforms for automatic order downloads or adding orders manually.

Format Labels

We support multiple label formats for a label or traditional printers, for domestic or international shipments, and for major carriers.

Connect Carriers

Connect carriers to ShippingEasy to get rates and print labels.

Advanced Settings

Connect Printers

ConnectEasy links ShippingEasy to your printer - allowing you to set up fast printing, tailored to your workflow.

Save Custom Packaging

Add your custom packages to save time while shipping and get accurate postage rates.

Add Shipping Presets

Add your favorite shipping services to reduce the number of clicks that it takes you to buy labels.

Create Rules & Automation

Use shipping rules to automate your workflow with "If / Then" statements that apply actions to your orders.

Select Packing Slips

Choose a packing slip template to help your team fulfill orders and communicate with customers.

Set Up Pick Lists & Barcode Scanning

Custom pick lists and barcode scanning improve quality control.

Set Up Insurance

Set up rules for automatically including insurance, so you know that your shipments are protected.


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