Export Tracking Numbers To My Original CSV File | How To

ShippingEasy gives you the option to upload new orders via a CSV file. Once you have processed these orders, we make adding the tracking numbers to the original file easy. This makes it easy to upload the data back to your store.

To export tracking numbers back to the original CSV file:

  1. Click the Add Orders drop-down and select Upload Orders in the navigation bar.

    Add order dropdown with upload orders marked
  2. In the Upload History tab, locate the original CSV file and click the green Generate button.

  3. Click Download once the tracking numbers have finished loading. This will download the CSV file back to your computer.


Now you're ready to upload your file to your store!

Combined Orders in CSV Files

If you combine two orders after importing your CSV file, only the surviving order will be present in the CSV file. The non-surviving order will be removed from the file. There will be no record of the non-surviving order in the updated file.


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