Get an International Rate Quote for a Customer | How To

Find out ahead of time what the cost of shipping packages to international customers will be by generating a rate quote from within the app. Even if you aren't sure of their complete address, obtaining this information is easy!

Obtain an International Rate Quote

  1. Select International Address

    • Enter the customer's address. Don't have the address? Use the National Capitol building or a major landmark.

    • Enter the shipping details and item weight. Click Get Rate.

    The Add Order screen is displayed. International Address is checked and highlighted. The Get Rates button is highlighted.

    Many carriers will provide rate quotes, but not all do. If you are using one of the following carriers, you may not see a rate quote. Click the carrier name for more information.

  2. Select the Carrier, Carrier Service, and Packaging on the READY TO SHIP page. Adjust these as needed until you have the price quote you need.

    You may need to click the Update button for your changes to reflect in the TOTAL.

    The Carrier Services and Packaging screen highlighting the shipping selection preset, carrier, carrier service, and packaging fields.
  3. After obtaining the quote you need, locate the order in the pending queue and click the x link. This will send the order back to the ORDERS page.

    The pending queue is displayed and the X is being clicked to send the order back to the Orders page.
  4. If this was just a test order, clear the order from your ORDERS page to ensure that it is not accidentally shipped! Learn more about deleting orders.


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