How does the "estimated order weight" rule work?

ShippingEasy can create a Shipping Rule that automatically estimates your order weight based on previous shipments. Learn more about Shipping Rules.

How does this Shipping Rule calculate the weights of my products?

We have a database that stores the last recorded weight for each product SKU in your SHIPMENT HISTORY. Orders placed after this shipping rule is created will be run through this database and matched to orders in your SHIPMENT HISTORY with the same product SKUs. Using the most recent order, we'll assign the weight that you specified on that previous order to this new order.

Can this rule apply to all my orders?

No, only orders that sync with a weight of "0" are compatible with this rule.

Can I edit the order weight manually?

Yes, you can review and/or edit the order weight on the ORDERS or BATCHES page.

If I update the weight for a certain product SKU today, will a later shipment show this new weight?

No, our database updates daily at 2 a.m. CT. So, after our database has had a chance to update overnight, orders processed the next day will be assigned an estimated weight based on updates you make to product SKU weights today.

If I haven't shipped a particular product SKU for over a month, will the estimated weight rule work?

No, our database will only store product weights for 30 days. If you have not shipped a particular product SKU in the last 30 days, then there is not an active record within our database. You will need to assign the weight to this order manually, and then future orders with this product will be assigned an estimated weight automatically.


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