ShippingEasy After Ship | Overview

You have your customers' products packed and shipped... now what? After that package is sent, you still need shipping resources, from tracking to marketing, that continue to build your brand's reputation.

Merchants that utilize Branded Tracking & Notifications see an increase in ROI for their stores, a reduction in the number of inquiries about packages, and higher levels of consumer engagement.

Branded Tracking Notifications

Branded Tracking Notifications is a customizable way for your consumers to track their products shipped via ShippingEasy. The tracking page gives the consumer the ability to check their order status and build brand recognition simultaneously. Learn how to set up Branded Tracking Notifications.

Benefits of Branded Tracking

In e-commerce, the job does not stop when the package has shipped. In some ways, it just begins. Branded Tracking Notifications deliver important order information to the customer while marketing your business. Your Branded Tracking page shows customers all the details of their order, the location of their items, and the status of the delivery while keeping your brand front and center.

  • Boost brand awareness: we want the customers to see your brand, not the carriers.

  • Expand your social media audience: customers visit tracking pages an average of 3x per order!

Once your Branded Tracking page has been customized, you will be able to track the performance. Use this information to make small adjustments over time for an even better consumer experience.


Branded SMS Notifications

Branded SMS Notifications keep your customer informed of their order right at their fingertips. Learn how to Set Up Branded SMS Notifications.

ShippingEasy has four SMS messages that will be sent to your customer depending on the progress of their order:

  • Opt-In

  • Delivery Date Announced

  • Out for Delivery

  • Delivered

Branded SMS Notifications give your customers peace of mind in your branded voice.

Branded Email Notifications

ShippingEasy offers four branded notification templates to keep your customers informed about their upcoming delivery. Learn how to set up Branded Email Notifications.

  • Branded Shipment Email Confirmation: sent when the label is created.

  • Branded Est. Delivery Date Email: sent when the package has been scanned into the postal system and an estimated delivery date has been established.

  • Branded Out for Delivery Email: sent when the package is on a local delivery truck and should be delivered by the end of the day.

  • Branded Delivery Confirmation Email: sent once the package has been scanned as "Delivered."

Benefits of Branded Email Notifications

Consumer communication is critical when marketing your business, but we know that those emails often get deleted. ShippingEasy's Branded Email Notifications are a great way to use those IMPORTANT emails to your advantage.

  • Email survival: emails containing package information are opened more

  • Better customer interaction: include important information. An example would be your store's Return Policy.


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