Managing Amazon Inventory with ShippingEasy

ShippingEasy's Inventory Management helps Amazon sellers organize and track their products, whether they are Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) or by the seller. Our inventory system has the capability to import, track and report on product stock, helping you maintain quick turnaround times and high customer satisfaction levels - vital elements of the Amazon marketplace.

Upon integrating your Amazon store with ShippingEasy, products will begin to import to our Product Catalog. To also import FBA products, you can include this stock during store updates.

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How can I manage stock levels for products I sell on Amazon?

To set the initial stock level for newly added SKUs, you can import product information directly from your Amazon store. These stock levels will match those in your store. Importing also saves variants, weights, and images. Learn how to import products from your Amazon store.

You can also track and manage FBA stock by updating your settings on the STORES & ORDERS page. Learn how to manage FBA stock.

Once you have initial stock levels set, you can control your available stock quantities by enabling stock level updates from ShippingEasy to your store. Learn how to enable stock updates for Amazon and FBA products.

Can I update my FBA stock levels in my product catalog?

FBA stock levels are imported from Amazon to allow you to better view your total stock in Inventory Management, they cannot be modified in ShippingEasy.

How can I avoid stock outs on products I sell on Amazon?

For non-FBA products, and if there are no other threshold settings, the "universal" Low Stock Threshold in ShippingEasy will be applied to all products. This is set on the INVENTORY SETTINGS page. Learn how to set Low Stock Thresholds.

If you import FBA available inventory levels, the "universal" Low Stock Threshold will not affect the FBA Low Stock Thresholds. The Low Stock Threshold must be set individually for FBA products. This can be done in two ways:

Add a Low Stock Threshold to individual FBA Products

In the FBA Low Stock Threshold field, enter the minimum quantity you wish to have on hand in an Amazon Fulfillment Network warehouse for this product. When this is set you will receive alerts of you Low FBA Inventory.

Add a Low Stock Threshold to multiple FBA Products via a CSV upload

When preparing your CSV file, add an additional column dedicated to "FBA Low Stock Threshold". Within this column, note the FBA Low Stock Threshold for each of your Product SKUs stored in an Amazon Fulfillment Network warehouse.

Which Amazon marketplaces support FBA inventory tracking?

Only Amazon U.S. stores are supported for tracking your Fulfillment By Amazon inventory. Learn how to sync FBA stock levels with ShippingEasy.

Why is my Amazon inventory not syncing?

For products to automatically sync into the Product Catalog, your Amazon store must be connected and the option to Add Products Automatically must be checked.

Our Amazon integration only supports stores on the Marketplace. We cannot sync inventory if someone integrates their store under Amazon Webstore platform.

How does FBA stock work with Multi-Channel Fulfillment in ShippingEasy?

Once you have enabled Multi-Channel Fulfillment in ShippingEasy, whenever there is a change in stock, you can choose to import products to update the stock levels for both FBA and Merchant fulfilled.

These should be two separate stock levels. ShippingEasy does not automate a transfer between the two as Amazon controls FBA levels, and merchants controls merchant fulfilled. Learn how to enable stock updates for Merchant fulfilled and FBA products.

Learn more about Multi-channel fulfillment from our FAQ guide.

Can I see total inventory available for both FBA and non-Amazon stores?

Yes. If you would like to see how much inventory you have available across your selling channels, you can match your FBA inventory to your non-Amazon inventory in the STORE SETTINGS page. Learn how to update your store settings.

What report show my Amazon Inventory?

ShippingEasy's Reporting feature offers several different options for reporting on your Amazon products. Take a look at our guide on Reporting Amazon Inventory.


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