Set Up Branded Tracking Notifications

Once Branded Tracking is turned on, your customer will place an order and receive a link to your Branded Tracking Notifications page in their email notification. Your customers will have their order information and your store logo and contact information at their fingertips. It's a great signal that you are as invested in the process as your buyers.

Branded Tracking Notification Requirements

Available Subscribers:

Branded Tracking Notifications are available on paid Starter and above plans. ShippingEasy only supports one Branded Tracking Notification page per account. If you want help accessing Branded Tracking, contact our support team.

Supported One Balance Carriers:

Supported 3rd Party Carriers:

  • FedEx - domestic and international shipments

All other shipments will continue to get the standard confirmation email to track the order.

Store Availability:

Not all stores support this feature. The following stores do not allow Branded Tracking Notifications:

  • Amazon

  • Jane

  • Reverb

  • Wish

How To Set Up Branded Tracking Notifications

  1. Go to TRACKING from the navigation bar.

    Box highlights Tracking in the toolbar
  2. Toggle ON to make the Branded Tracking Page active.

  3. Click Edit Branded Tracking to begin customization.


As you design your Branded Tracking page, changes will be reflected in the left-hand preview panel. Use this to view how your Branded Tracking page will look on MobileDesktop, and Tablet devices.

There are three sections to complete.

Step 1: Select Stores
  1. Add your Store Name and Store URL to Store Information.


    eBay Sellers

    eBay sellers are prohibited from including non-eBay store URLs in Branded Tracking Notifications. Find out how to create custom eBay notifications.

  2. Enter your Email and Phone under Contact Information.

  3. Choose the stores that will use Branded Tracking under Select Stores. The stores that support Branded Tracking Notifications will be checked by default.

  4. Click Next to continue.

Step 2: Customize Design
  1. Select from one of ShippingEasy's Themes or Custom from the drop-down.


    Selecting Custom will allow you to enter the specific hex codes for your brand's colors or choose colors using a color wheel.


    You can make the following custom color selections:

    • Primary Color: The primary color controls the main date font.

    • Secondary Color: The secondary color controls the tracking page background.

    • Tertiary Color: The tertiary color controls the tracking page navigation links and social media links.

    LuLaRoe and Paparazzi Premiere

    LuLaRoe/Bless and Paparazzi Premiere subscribers will see a fourth theme option. This branded tracking theme is specific to these accounts and is the default.

  2. Add your Store Logo. The Store Name will show by default. If you wish to show a Logo instead, select the Upload Store Logo option and Browse your computer to upload a logo.

  3. Click Next to continue.

Step 3: Links & Social Media
  1. Build out navigation Menu Links. Menu Item names can be up to 12 characters in length.


    Menu Links

    The Branded Tracking Page can display up to five Menu Links. Branded Tracking Emails are only able to display up to four Menu Links at this time.

  2. Scroll down to the Social Media section to add your social media links to the navigation menu. Social media links will display as icons. If these fields are left blank, the icons will be omitted from the Branded Tracking Notifications page.


    eBay Sellers

    eBay sellers are prohibited from including non-eBay store social media links in Branded Tracking Notifications. Find out how to create custom eBay notifications

  3. Click on Add Image under the Promotional Image section.

  4. Choose the image layout and select Upload Image to select your image file.

  5. Enter a Return Policy. A Return Policy can proactively anticipate questions customers have about returns. The editor supports text only.

  6. Select Save & Publish , and you're done!

A message will appear across the top of your Branded Tracking page notifying you that your page is now live:


Adding a New Store

If you integrate a store after setting up Branded Tracking Notifications, you will need to go through the setup steps again.

Turn Off Branded Tracking Notifications

  1. Toggle the button from On to "Off" in the top right corner of the Branded Tracking Page.

  2. Click the "Turn Off Branded Tracking Page" button to stop sending consumers to your Branded Tracking page. A pop-up message will alert you that you will turn off Branded Tracking.


Consumers who have already placed orders and received a link will be directed to the carrier's tracking page.


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