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Powersports Support (PSS) is a software provider for ecommerce retailers in the motorsport space. Our partners at PSS have built an integration to ShippingEasy for their customers that sell on Amazon and eBay.

Orders from both Amazon and eBay go into PSS, then to your ShippingEasy account. After you have shipped, the tracking returns to PSS, the order is marked as shipped, and then sent to the appropriate marketplace.

Interested in a Powersports Support account? Signup for a free demo from PSS.

Connect a Powersports Store to ShippingEasy

Powersports has built a custom integration for ShippingEasy. Connect your Powersports store using Powersports Support setup guide.

Notes about Powersports Integration

  • Your best resource for questions related to the Powersports Support configuration of the integration is Powersports Support.

    • Call: 800-633-4374

    • Email: info@powersportsupport.com


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