Avoid Multiple SKUs for the Same Product

Using a CSV spreadsheet to upload your products into ShippingEasy is a quick way to update your catalog. Once you have imported products into ShippingEasy, subsequent spreadsheet uploads can be used to update stock levels and add new products, however, it can also create separate SKUs for one product if the spreadsheet is not formatted correctly.

Separate SKUs get created when the CSV spreadsheet has converted the existing SKU into an exponent. This happens if the SKU number extends past the range of the cell, creating a number such as 9.28375E+14.

To avoid this, you'll need to format the SKU column to prevent your spreadsheet from using decimals and additional characters before uploading products.

Format cells in Google Sheets

  1. Open file in Google Sheets

  2. Highlight the desired Column (SKU)

  3. Select Format in the top menu

  4. Mouse over Number- then in the side menu, select More Formats- Then select Custom number format.

  5. Select the number format with no decimals or additional characters. The example will say 1235. Click Apply.


Format cells in Excel

  1. Open file in Excel

  2. Highlight the desired Column (SKU)

  3. Right click and select Format Cells from the dropdown:

  4. Under the 'Number" tab, select the "Number" category and set decimal spaces to 0. Then click OK.


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