Use Shopify Locations with ShippingEasy | How To

Shopify's Locations feature lets you manage inventory and fulfillment at multiple locations. ShippingEasy includes the Shopify location in every shipment notification sent to Shopify for your orders.

You can map your Shopify locations to your ShippingEasy Ship From addresses to send Shopify a specific location for each shipment instead of the default.

We recommend mapping your Shopify locations to your ShippingEasy ‘Ship From’ addresses if you fulfill orders from multiple Shopify locations. If you are only using your default Shopify location to fulfill orders, then mapping your Shopify locations to your ‘Ship From’ addresses is not required.

Learn more about ShippingEasy's integration with Shopify.

Inventory Updates are Not Supported in Multiple Shopify Locations

ShippingEasy can only update inventory stock levels at your default Shopify location. ShippingEasy does not currently support updating inventory stock levels to multiple Shopify locations.

To map Shopify locations to ShippingEasy Ship From addresses:

  1. Click Edit store settings for your Shopify store.

  2. Scroll to the Shopify Multi-Location section of the Notifications tab.

  3. Select one of your ShippingEasy 'Ship From' addresses from the drop-down menu, then click the button next to the Shopify location associated with the 'Ship From' address.

  4. Repeat Step 4 for each of your ShippingEasy 'Ship From' addresses that are used for your Shopify orders.

    You can map each Shopify location to multiple 'Ship From' addresses.

  5. Click Save to update your Shopify location mappings.

    Save button marked on Stores & Order page

Notes about Shopify Locations

  • ShippingEasy will only use your default Shopify location’s inventory to update your ShippingEasy Inventory. ShippingEasy does not currently support viewing or updating inventory on secondary Shopify locations.

    If you use Inventory Management in ShippingEasy, we recommend only enabling a default location in Shopify and not using multiple Shopify locations.

  • If you use a 'Ship From' address that is not mapped to a Shopify location, ShippingEasy will use your default Shopify location for shipment notifications.

  • ShippingEasy sends Shopify the location that you specified for the 'Ship From' address in each shipment notification for Shopify orders. ShippingEasy will display an error message on the SHIPMENT HISTORY page if the location sent to Shopify does not match the location you have configured in Shopify for fulfilling the order items.


    You can resolve this error by mapping your Shopify locations to your ShippingEasy 'Ship From' addresses.

  • You can see your default location in your Shopify Settings > Locations. The location marked with Shipping origin is the default location for your Shopify store.



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