Why are my products being saved as variants?

During an import, items may automatically appear as variants in the product catalog. This is dependent on how you initially listed your products.

If you've set up products as options or variants in your platform

If you set up options on your listing with individual SKU numbers associated with each, our system will automatically bring that information over and group those products together for you. This will make it easier to view these groups of products together and also help organize your overall product list as it shows on ShippingEasy.

If you have not set up any options or variants in your platform

Some platforms, mainly Amazon, will allow you to use existing listings to list your products. If this product already exists as an option or variant in the original listing, that information will be attached to the copied product listing and ShippingEasy will recognize that when you import your products. Due to this, you may see individual products listed as variants in ShippingEasy.


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