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Available to Existing Inventory Management Subscribers

This feature is only available to existing Inventory Management subscribers. Non-Inventory Management subscribers can learn more about using the ShippingEasy Product Catalog.

We are not currently opening Inventory Management to new users or developing new features or functionality for our Inventory solution. This means that at this time we cannot address the issues you have with the current system.

If you need an inventory solution that lets you add your third-party fulfillment provider to your account, our sister company ShipStation may be a better solution for you.

ShippingEasy's Inventory Management gives you the tools to manage and track your stock. Setting Safety Stock is another tool to put you in control of your inventory.

Safety Stock is the amount of stock you always want to have on hand - or even just a little extra cushion should something happen that causes you to oversell. When you set a Safety Stock level, ShippingEasy will subtract that value from your Available stock when we send the update to your store(s). For example, for SKU A: if you've set a Safety Stock of 5 and have 100 Available, ShippingEasy will send 95 of SKU A available to sell in the next update to your store(s).


Once your Available stock level reaches or drops below the Safety Stock level for a product, ShippingEasy will send 0 available to sell in the update to your store/s.

Safety Stock will be applied in one of three ways:

  1. Universal Safety Stock: If you set a Safety Stock on the Inventory Settings page and there are no other threshold settings, this threshold will be applied to all products.

  2. Categorical Safety Stock: If you have assigned a product to a Product Category with Safety Stock, and there are no individual settings, this Safety Stock will be applied to all products. Learn how to create a Product Category.

  3. Individual Safety Stock: If you have set a Safety Stock on an individual product page, this value will override any other Safety Stock settings for products.

The Safety Stock will be applied in the following order:

  • Universal Safety Stock > Categorical Safety Stock > Individual Safety Stock

Once Safety Stock has been set for your Products, the next stock update to your store/s will send your Available stock minus the Safety Stock.


Updating the Safety Stock value will trigger an update to your store for any product that has an Available stock balance that is less than or equal to its new Safety Stock value.

How to set up a universal Safety Stock for all Products

Universal Safety Stock is applied to all self-managed inventory saved to your PRODUCTS catalog.

  1. Within the Safety Stock field, adjust the number to set the minimum quantity you wish to keep on hand for all products.

  2. Click Save to save the change.

    The Save button is highlighted

How to add a Safety Stock to individual Products

  1. Select Edit product on the Product Details page.

  2. Enter into the Safety Stock field the quantity you wish to keep on hand in your warehouse for this product.

  3. Click the Save Product button.


How to add a Safety Stock to multiple Products via a CSV upload

  1. Prepare a CSV file for your Products, with a column dedicated to "Safety Stock". Learn more about which fields can be included in a CSV upload of Products. Within this column, note the Safety Stock value for each of your Product SKUs stored in your warehouse.

  2. Upload the CSV file of Products to ShippingEasy. Learn how to upload a CSV file of Product SKUs.


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