CSV Supplier Uploads | Overview

Available to Existing Inventory Management Subscribers

This feature is only available to existing Inventory Management subscribers. Non-Inventory Management subscribers can learn more about using the ShippingEasy Product Catalog.

We are not currently opening Inventory Management to new users or developing new features or functionality for our Inventory solution. This means that at this time we cannot address the issues you have with the current system.

If you need an inventory solution that lets you add your third-party fulfillment provider to your account, our sister company ShipStation may be a better solution for you.

ShippingEasy supports adding and updating your Suppliers via CSV file. This guide outlines which fields can be updated with a CSV file upload. For more help getting started, download a sample suppliers CSV file at the end of this article.

You must map the Supplier ID column for every Supplier you upload.

  • The Supplier ID field is assigned to new Suppliers and required for existing Suppliers. You can find this information on the SUPPLIERS page, as well as by downloading your Supplier's data

  • When you add new Suppliers, leave the ID blank.

  • When you update existing Suppliers, enter the assigned ID. To find the Supplier ID, click the name of the Supplier and look in the left-most column titled ID.

CSV Supplier Uploads: Sample CSV file

Download our sample CSV file (attached at the end of this article) to see how to manage suppliers and correctly format your files that are ready to upload.

The CSV files you upload to ShippingEasy can have a maximum size of 3MB, and you can load up to four CSV files at one time.

Find an individual Supplier's assigned ID

Follow these steps to find the assigned Supplier ID on the SUPPLIERS page.

  1. Locate the Supplier in the table and note the ID in the left-most column.


Download all your Supplier's assigned IDs

Follow these steps to download the assigned IDs for all Suppliers from the SUPPLIERS page.

  1. Click the Download Suppliers link.

    Box highlights Link to Download Suppliers, next to Upload Suppliers, under + Add Supplier
  2. Check your email inbox for the user's login to download the file.

  3. Open the file and note the Supplier ID in the left-most column.

Supplier ID Columns and Definitions

This table lists the ShippingEasy Columns and defines their purpose.

Required Fields and Auto-Populate Fields

  • Fields in the ShippingEasy column marked with an * asterisk and in bold text are required field.

  • The checkmark symbol by a definition indicates that this field will auto-populate on purchase orders generated to the supplier.

ShippingEasy Column

Column Definition

* Supplier ID

Unique identifier for the supplier set by ShippingEasy, for example: S12789.

You must map this column for every Supplier upload. When you add new Suppliers, leave the ID blank. When you update existing Suppliers, enter the assigned ID.

* Supplier Name

The name of the supplier.

The Supplier Name is required if the supplier does not exist in ShippingEasy. 

Supplier Website

The website of the supplier.

Supplier Email

Email address of the Supplier where the purchase orders are sent to.

Supplier Phone

Phone number of the Supplier.

Supplier Default Address

Default address of the Supplier.

This field is required if additional addresses are specified.

Supplier Additional Addresses

Additional addresses of the Supplier. Multiple addresses will require a vertical bar separator to be placed between all addresses, for example:

3333 Happy Rd Austin, TX 78746 | 555 Smile Ave Austin, TX 78746

Payment Terms

The payment terms of the supplier.

Resale License

The resale license of the supplier.

Tax ID

The tax ID of the supplier.


Comments or notes for the supplier.

Contact First Name

First name of the Supplier contact. 

Contact Last Name

Last name of the Supplier contact. 

Contact Job Title

Job title of the Supplier contact. 

Contact Department

Department of the Supplier contact. 

Contact Email

Email address of Supplier contact.

Contact Phone

Phone number of the Supplier contact. 

Contact Fax

Fax number of the Supplier contact. 


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