Zenventory is an inventory management system that serves both ecommerce merchants and third-party logistics companies. Zenventory streamlines inventory and vendor management in an easy-to-use interface. ShippingEasy has a direct integration with Zenventory, making easy for you to receive orders and ship them to your customers.

Connect a Zenventory Account to ShippingEasy

How to connect Zenventory to an existing ShippingEasy account

  1. Select Zenventory from the Platform drop-down menu, then click Save.


    Complete the integration by providing your ShippingEasy credentials to Zenventory through the following steps.

  2. Log into your Zenventory account in a new browser window, then go to Admin > System.

  3. Go to Integration and click the Shipping tab, then select Add Shipping Account.

  4. Choose ShippingEasy from the dropdown menu. Click Add to create the new integration.


    The integration will remain inactive while all required information is entered during this setup process.

  5. Take note of the Zenventory Store URL and Shipment Callback Path information.

  6. Return to ShippingEasy. Go to SETTINGS and select the API CREDENTIALS page.

  7. Take note of your ShippingEasy API Key and API Secret.

  8. Copy and paste your ShippingEasy API Key and API Secret into the corresponding fields in Zenventory.



    In Zenventory, you will need to select where orders are downloaded from by checking one of the following options:

    • Get orders/shipments from all stores: Orders and shipments from all stores connected to Zenventory will sync to ShippingEasy.

    • Get orders/shipments from select stores: Only orders and shipments from selected stores will sync to ShippingEasy.

  9. Return to ShippingEasy. Locate the entry for Zenvetory in your STORES & ORDERS settings, and copy your Store API Key.

  10. Paste your copied ShippingEasy Store API Key into the corresponding Store API Key field in Zenventory, then click Save.

That's it! Your account is connected to ShippingEasy!


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