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Available to Existing Inventory Management Subscribers

This feature is only available to existing Inventory Management subscribers. Non-Inventory Management subscribers can learn more about using the ShippingEasy Product Catalog.

We are not currently opening Inventory Management to new users or developing new features or functionality for our Inventory solution. This means that at this time we cannot address the issues you have with the current system.

If you need an inventory solution that lets you add your third-party fulfillment provider to your account, our sister company ShipStation may be a better solution for you.

ShippingEasy helps you manage your suppliers. Any company (or person) that you source your products from can be entered into ShippingEasy as a Supplier. Before you can create a Purchase Order and re-order your items in ShippingEasy, you first need to set up and save your Suppliers in your Supplier database.

You can add Suppliers one-by-one or all at once via CSV file (in bulk).

What is a Supplier?

In ShippingEasy, a Supplier is any company or person from which you source your products. ShippingEasy's  Inventory Management solution enables you to store all of your Supplier information in the Suppliers catalog. This digital address book gives you quick access to all of your Suppliers, the ability to associate them with specific product SKUs, and an option to view the history of Purchase Orders placed with each.

Adding Suppliers

You can add a supplier one at a time or upload several suppliers at once using a CSV file. Follow our guide to learn how to add a supplier.

Once a Supplier has been added to ShippingEasy, they will be assigned a Supplier ID. This ID is used when updating Suppliers information in bulk via CSV.

Using Suppliers

Compiling your supplier information in ShippingEasy give you more options for tracking and managing stock.

By connecting product SKUs to Suppliers, you can track product costs based on Suppliers by looking at Supplier details.  Learn how to connect product SKUs to Suppliers .

Once you have connected your products to a Supplier, you can easily create Purchase Orders from within ShippingEasy. Learn how to create a Purchase Order .

Add individual Suppliers

Follow these steps to add an individual supplier.


The more fields you fill in, the more details that will be pre-populated on all Purchase Orders for this Supplier. You will have the option to override the default address and contact on individual Purchase Orders.

  1. Complete all of the required fields, and any optional fields you may need on the ADD SUPPLIER page.

    Required fields are marked with an asterisk.


Your supplier has now been saved and you're ready to add a purchase order!

Add multiple Suppliers via CSV file

Requirements to upload a Supplier CSV:

You must map the Supplier ID column for every Supplier you upload.

  • The Supplier ID field is assigned to new Suppliers and required for existing Suppliers. You can find this information on the SUPPLIERS page, as well as by downloading your Supplier's data

  • When you add new Suppliers, leave the ID blank.

  • When you update existing Suppliers, enter the assigned ID. To find the Supplier ID, click the name of the Supplier and look in the left-most column titled ID.

There's no need to pare down the data to only the new suppliers. A CSV file that lists all of your suppliers will work just as well as one limited to just those suppliers with updates.

ShippingEasy will review the file for (1) New suppliers and (2) Updated suppliers. All other Suppliers will be ignored.

New suppliers will be entered as new suppliers. Updated suppliers will be edited to reflect the new data in the CSV. Learn more about formatting a Supplier CSV file.

Follow these steps to add multiple Suppliers via CSV file:

  1. Click the Upload Suppliers link On the SUPPLIERS page when you have your prepared CSV file on hand.

  2. Click Browse from the CSV file menu to select your file, then click Upload suppliers.

  3. Map the Source Column to the ShippingEasy Column on the Upload CSV: Supplier Import page, then select Continue.


    The Supplier ID column must be mapped for every Supplier upload. When you add new Suppliers, leave the ID blank. When you update existing Suppliers, enter the assigned ID. Learn how to find a Supplier ID.

  4. Click the green Ready button after your file displays in the Current Uploads section.

    This will display once ShippingEasy has finished processing the CSV data. You will have the option to review the data.

  5. Edit any fields that require an additional update by clicking the field.

    An edit dialog will appear. Once all the data looks in order, click the Complete Upload button.


Your new suppliers are now added!


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