Cheapest USPS Services | Overview

Discovering the ins and outs of saving money with shipping can sometimes be a tedious process. In general, when it comes to savings, flat rate shipments are usually some of the strongest in terms of economic savings. Learn more about USPS Domestic Service Details.

First Class - Under 15.999 oz

First-Class Package Service, under 15.999 ounces is often cheaper than Flat Rate boxes. Keep in mind, that Commercial Rates are needed to buy First-Class Package Service postage for anything under 1lb. Without this discounted rate, only packages under 13 ounces qualify.

The obvious drawback is that you are limited by the weight of how much you can send. ShippingEasy has a super useful weight tool to help you quickly determine if your shipments qualify for this service. This is a great option for sending documents, art, small articles of cloth, and jewelry.

Regional Rate - Up to 20 lbs

Regional Rates can be a good option if what you need to send is heavier or bulkier than what you would normally be able to send in flat rate boxes. You will see the best rates for shipments traveling short distances (typically zones 1-4), but the savings can be substantial!

Flat Rate - Up to 70 lbs

Flat Rate usually offers the best price for medium and heavy-weight shipments and is a great deal for Zones 5-9. The Flat Rate boxes come with a moderate amount of insurance and are the same price regardless of what you are shipping within the parameters of the Flat Rate package you select.

Media Mail - Educational Materials

A specialized option for inexpensive shipping aims to help educators send materials. The rates are some of the lowest around. Media Mail is available only to educational businesses and is a closely regulated service. Packages cannot contain advertising, computer drives, digital drives, or video games of any kind.

These are some of your best avenues to pursue if you are looking for the most economical option. Use the links provided to compare specific prices. Remember to always check the most up-to-date prices as they may be subject to change. Online shipping services like ShippingEasy's Flat Rate Green help you save even more!



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