nopCommerce is a custom API integration built by Foxnetsoft, a third-party developer, that connects through the ShippingEasy Open API Custom Integration.

The integration must be purchased directly from the developer (the cost is $80) here.

The nopCommerce plugin works in two ways:

  • Sending orders to ShippingEasy manually or automatically after payment.

  • Syncing the backtracking number to nopCommerce after a label is purchased.

Interested in a nopCommerce account? Download a trial version of the plugin as an unregistered license. When unregistered, the plugin is fully functional. However, only the first 50 orders will be exported. Once registered, the plugin will allow you to send an unlimited number of orders to ShippingEasy.

nopCommerce Requirements

Connection Requirements:

  • nopCommerce 4.10 and newer

Connect a nopCommerce Store to ShippingEasy

Follow these steps once you have purchased the nopCommerce plugin:

nopCommerce Integration Notes


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