Order Reports - Unshipped: First 500 Orders | Data Included

ShippingEasy REPORTS include a number of pre-configured reports created to accommodate the reporting needs of most shipping operations. They can also be scheduled to be emailed to you on a recurring basis. Though the columns cannot be edited or rearranged, they make for easy access to your shipping data. Learn more about REPORTS.

The Order Reports include an Unshipped: First 500 Orders report that lists the oldest 500 unshipped orders per Store and Report Date Range filters. You may want to use this report to identify orders that need to be prioritized for shipping.

The columns included in these reports are:

  • Store

  • Order Number

  • Order Date

  • Quantity

  • Item Description

  • SKU

  • Order Total


The report will respect date filtering by the “Ordered At” date when it is exported ad-hoc. However, no date filtering will be applied when recurring scheduled reports are sent.


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