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ShippingEasy REPORTS include a number of pre-configured reports created to accommodate the reporting needs of most shipping operations. They can also be scheduled to be emailed to you on a recurring basis. Though the columns cannot be edited or rearranged, they make for easy access to your shipping data. Learn more about REPORTS.

These reports may be exported and downloaded from the REPORTS page for on-demand analysis.

  1. Select the Store and Report Date Range for which you’d like to generate the report.

  2. Locate and select the pre-configured report you would like to access from the grey

    Reports menus:

  3. On the summary page, you have the option to scroll through the data and/or click through the pages. To export the report to a CSV file, select the blue Export button and select Now.

    Click Export then select Now.


    If you would like to set up a recurring report, select Schedule. Learn how to schedule a report.

  4. From the EXPORTS page, you will see a note that the report is generating. Please give the system a few minutes to compile the data and then Refresh the page to download your report.



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