Does ShippingEasy offer live shipping rate quotes on my store platform?

No, ShippingEasy does not offer live rate quotes to your customers. This is because ShippingEasy does not affect the front-end of your website. Our store integrations allow the syncing of order details and updating shipping details back to your store automatically.

That said, certain stores do offer live rate quotes for shipping costs or support third-party plugins that provide live rate quote services.


UPS One Balance rates are not available through third-party plugins.

Below are the stores that integrate with ShippingEasy that offer live rate quote services:

  • BigCommerce: BigCommerce's Shipping Methods guide details flat shipping rates and real-time carrier rates along with individual guides for each carrier.

  • Prestashop: A separate rate add-on in Prestashop is available for the display of shipping rates to you and your customers in the store.

  • Shopify: Shopify offers a shipping rates calculator to make rates available to your customers.

    ShippingEasy does not display shipping rates in your Shopify checkout. Your shipping rates are kept private and not shared with anyone outside ShippingEasy.

  • WooCommerce: There are apps available through WooThemes that allow you to provide real-time rates to your customers from your WooCommerce shopping cart:

    If you extend any carrier service to your customers, be sure to connect these carriers to your ShippingEasy account so that you can ship with these services.


If your store platform does not offer real-time rate quotes, you can only set your shipping rates according to weight, not by zone.

This means that you will have to manually set your shipping rate quotes based on the weights of the package and not their destination.


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