About ShippingEasy

ShippingEasy provides the easiest shipping app for online sellers. Its cloud-based shipping solution offers the cheapest USPS and UPS rates through our ShippingEasy One Balance account, plus the ability to plug in existing UPS and FedEx accounts. ShippingEasy integrates with leading marketplaces, shopping carts, and platforms, allowing order, tracking, and fulfillment data to populate in real-time across all systems.

The ShippingEasy software downloads orders from a merchant store/s and automatically maps to custom shipping preferences, rates, and delivery options in real-time across all major carriers: USPS, UPS, FedEx, DHL, and international consolidators.

A genuine multi-carrier shipping program, all via a single login, single screen. Users can print shipping labels and branded packing slips without exporting data or cut-and-paste information into other applications.

Tracking numbers and delivery status are auto-populated in ShippingEasy and the merchant’s store/s enabling easy buyer communication.

Powerful, scalable, and easy to use, ShippingEasy solutions help companies to save time and money on shipping while reducing postal errors and keeping buyers informed and positive about the experience yielding loyalty and better seller feedback.

Started in Sydney, Australia, in 2012 and is now happily headquartered in Austin, TX. Learn more about ShippingEasy.



Need help with your website

It will not let me change ship from addresses


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Hello Jeff,

I understand you're experiencing an issue with changing your Ship From address, I'm happy to help with this! I'll be reaching out to you over email to look into this issue and help with any troubleshooting.


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