Print Shipping Labels | How To

The last step before your shipments go out the door is printing the label. You can choose to print labels one-by-one or multiple at a time. You can also print your labels and packing slips at the same time.

ShippingEasy offers two places to print your label in the app, depending on your workflow: on the ORDERS or READY TO PRINT pages.

Print From ORDERS Page

After you have configured you order, you can print your label from the Order Details slideout.

Print From READY TO PRINT Page

Sending orders to the READY TO PRINT page is a good option when you need to wait to print labels or when you need to print batches of labels.

When you are ready to print your labels:

  1. Go to the READY TO PRINT page.

    Navigation bar showing the Shipping sidebar expanded with Ready to Print highlighted

    You will see a status bar while your labels are being prepared.

    Ready to print page, status bar loading

    When your individual labels or batches are ready to print, a green Print button will appear under the Action column.

  2. Click the PRINT button next to the individual label or batch you wish to print.

    Individual label:

    Print button under Purchased Labels

    Individual batch:

    domestic batch ready to print print button marked

Your labels will be sent directly to your printer if using ConnectEasy or a new tab displaying your PDF label will open in your browser.

Print Groups of Labels With Print Packing Slips

  1. Select multiple checkboxes before printing.


    Once you have checked multiple orders, the 'Print Selected' button at the top will change to say: Combine & Print Selected. This button has a drop-down menu with several different printing options available.

  2. Choose whether to print Labels, Packing Slips, or both for the selected orders or batches.

    Ready to Print Combine & Print selected button

    After you have made your selection from the drop-down menu, your labels will be sent as one large batch to the "Print Queue" on the right-hand side of the screen.

  3. Click the green PRINT button.

Your documents will be sent directly to your printer if using ConnectEasy or a new tab displaying your PDF label will open in your browser.

View a history of all of the batch labels that you have created in the past 24 hours in the "Batch History" section that is located next to the "Print Queue" box.

Reprint a label, create a duplicate, track or cancel your label from the SHIPMENT HISTORY page.

Wrong Label Format

Shipping labels generated in ShippingEasy are in PDF format. This means that the image will not change when you simply reprint it, even after you change your label settings.

In order for updated label print settings to take hold, the label must be cancelled and then duplicated before it can be printed with new formatting.

The SHIPMENT HISTORY page cannot be printed. Use the REPORTS page to provide you with a snapshot of your recent shipping history.


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