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When sending an international shipment, customs forms are required. Customs forms are used by a country's border control agency to help protect their borders and to assign duty fees and tariffs on incoming goods. Duty fees are typically paid for by the recipient of the good(s).

Retail | Post Office

Post office customers will now use customs information worksheet PS Form 2976-R. PS Form 2976-R can be obtained at any post office. View a sample form. Once filled out, hand the form over to the postal representative who will print out the appropriate electronic customs forms and barcodes.

Starting March 6, 2020, USPS will no longer accept handwritten customs forms. USPS announced that packages found in the mail stream with handwritten customs forms after August 13th, 2020,  will be returned to the sender.

USPS has also denied the acceptance of preprinted PS Form 2976, PS Form 2976-A, and PS Form 2976-B customs forms.  

The following customs forms must not be used in USPS retail transactions.

  • PS Form 2976:  Customs Declaration CN 22
  • PS Form 2976-A:  Customs Declaration and Dispatch Note CP 72
  • PS Form 2976-B:  Priority Mail Express International Shipping Label and Customs Form 

ShippingEasy Subscribers

Partners of USPS, which includes ShippingEasy, will automatically select the correct US Postal Service customs form based on your selection of service and packaging. Learn more about ShippingEasy's plans. Once printed, attach the forms to the parcel or place them in an enclosed pouch and attach that to the outside of the box. 

Some shipments will only require 1 copy of the customs form (combined into your shipping label), regardless of the form type.

These shipments include:

    • Military Mail (APO, DPO, FPO, MPO), U.S. Territories, and the Freely Associated States
    • Select international destinations:
      • Australia
      • Canada
      • Costa Rica 
US Postal Service Requirements

When shipping First Class International Mail to any destination,  or Priority Mail International to Military Mail and U.S. Territories, the total value of the shipment cannot be more than $400.

If your total value is over $400, you will see this alert on the READY TO SHIP page. 

The value would need to be adjusted or, depending on the package details, the order could be split.


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