Customer Marketing Settings | How To

The Customer Marketing settings page makes branding your emails in ShippingEasy easier than ever. Immediately import your color palette from your website, upload a logo, and save your social media links for easy use in branded email layouts.

Step by Step Guide

  1. Put your website into the URL box and click the “Generate Color Palette” button so we can generate the colors used on your website:

  2. Once your palette is generated, use it to set the header bar, button color, and button text colors for your emails. There is a preview window on the right that will show an example of what an email could look like. You can also set the font that will be used universally for your branded layouts:

  3. Right below that, upload your logo and it will be added to the email template example as well:

  4. At the bottom, add your company URL for the various social media sites if necessary. If you do not wish to show a social media icon just leave it blank.

  5. Then choose what style you want for social media icons:

  6. Hit Save at the bottom to finalize:


Once your customer marketing settings are set up, you can see the branded layouts with these settings in place under the ‘Branded Layouts’ section of your Customer Marketing Templates. Access these by going to the regular email template gallery and selecting the tab called ‘Branded Layouts’.



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