Schedule a Recurring Shipment Report | How To

ShippingEasy provides tools to schedule report exports and specify the email address(es) to which they are sent. The email will include a link to download the report as a CSV file, as well as a link to your ShippingEasy Exports page.

Before You Begin:

In order to email a report to yourself on a regular schedule, you'll first need to create a Custom Report. Once you've added in the Custom Report, you can set up a recurring email schedule.

Learn more about creating Custom Reports in ShippingEasy.

Reports can be scheduled to run daily, weekly, or monthly:


Reports will send at 4 am, based on the timezone set in your ACCOUNT SETTINGS. The 24-hour time period ShippingEasy pulls report data from is 12:01am to midnight.


Reports will send on the day selected. Weekly reports will include the orders and shipments from the previous seven days.

For example: If you select your weekly report to be delivered on a Monday, then the report will include orders and shipments from the past seven days ending at midnight on Sunday.


Reports will be sent on the first day of the next month and will include all orders and shipments from the previous month.

To schedule a recurring shipping report

  1. Click the Custom Reports button and select your report from the drop-down menu.

  2. Click the Export button on the report page and select Schedule.

    Click Export then select Schedule.
  3. Select the Daily, Weekly, or Monthly tab in the Schedule Recurring Export pop-up window, then enter the email address that the report will be sent to in the Recipients box.

    If you choose a Weekly export, select the day of the week when you want the report to be sent.

  4. Click Create Schedule.

To review or cancel your scheduled exports, click REPORTS on the ShippingEasy navigation bar and select EXPORTS

Cancel a Scheduled Report

If you already set up a scheduled shipping report, you can easily cancel it.  Keep in mind that the action cannot be undone.  Though, you can always create a new scheduled report later.

  1. Click Cancel next to the corresponding scheduled report under "Scheduled Exports".

  2. A pop-up will appear. Click OK.



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