Customers are Not Receiving Confirmation Emails

ShippingEasy will send you customers shipment notification emails after a label has been purchased for their order. If your customers are not receiving these notifications, the following questions may provide answers as to why.

What store were the orders received from?

Eligible stores in ShippingEasy have the option to send confirmation emails to their customers. The following stores restrict sending this notification:

  • Amazon

  • Jane

  • Reverb

  • Wish

For Amazon, Shipment Confirmation emails are automated by Amazon's Merchant Services and sent automatically from Amazon once an order has been updated and marked as shipped. However, ShippingEasy does allow Amazon merchants to send automated campaigns to customers which can boost your reputation and increase sales.

If your store is not listed above, then they support sending out confirmation emails. You can control whether this option is on or off within each store's settings, from the STORES & ORDERS page.

Have you enabled confirmation emails in ShippingEasy?

To control the sending of shipment notification emails follows these steps:

  1. Under the "Notifications" tab, make sure the Send shipment confirmation email to buyer with tracking number box is checked in the Confirmation email settings section to turn on the notification.


    To turn off the notification, uncheck the box.

  2. You can also elect to have a copy of all emails that are sent to customers also sent to yourself. In the "Email Reply-to and BCC settings" section, enter an email address where you would like ShippingEasy to:

    • Send a copy of shipment confirmation and return shipping emails to

    • Send a copy of delivery emails to

    • Send buyer email replies to

    On Notifications tab under Email Reply-to and BCC settings, image of send buyer email replies to field

    If your customers of support stores are still not receiving confirmation emails despite having this box and the appropriate fields checked, please contact our Customer Success team.

Did you post-date labels?

If you advanced the shipment date of the shipment confirmation email will be sent on the shipment date. The hour & minute are determined by the hour & minute of the day you printed your label.

For example: if you print a label on Monday at 5:02 pm and postdate it to ship on Tuesday, we'll send the confirmation on Tuesday at 5:02 pm.


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