Force Reconnect or Reauthenticate My Store | How To

On rare occasions, you may need to force reconnect, or reauthenticate, your store integration with ShippingEasy.

In these cases, you will be directed to this article:

  • from another troubleshooting guide within this Support Center, or

  • by a ShippingEasy Customer Success Advisor.

Supported Store Integrations

Force reconnect will work for any platform in which ShippingEasy pulls order data.

There are some platforms that integrate with ShippingEasy via a separate plugin. This other type of integration sends the order data to ShippingEasy. For those platforms, force reconnect will not work. Find a list of platforms that cannot be helped via the steps below.

To force reconnect a store:

  1. Locate the affected store. It may or may not be shown as disconnected.

  2. Click the store logo to view the store settings.

  3. Within the URL address bar of your web browser, replace the text /info with /reconnect, then select Enter on your keyboard.

    • The address bar will show /info:

      The URL of the Store page showing 'info' in browser
    • Update the address bar to /reconnect:

      URL of Store page showing reconnect in browser
  4. Click Save on your store settings page.

  5. Follow the normal steps to connect your store again. Find your store's integration guide.


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