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ShippingEasy supports using Amazon Multi-Channel Fulfillment (MCF) to ship orders. Learn how to enable using MCF with ShippingEasy.

Once Amazon MCF is set up, you can send your orders to be Fulfilled by Amazon.

Click through the following to find answers to common questions about using Amazon MCF.

Which Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) shipments count toward my monthly label use?

Orders that are shipped using the "Mark as Shipped" button on the ORDERS page to be fulfilled by Amazon will count toward your monthly label use.

Shipments that have been fulfilled by Amazon and are then imported into ShippingEasy will not count toward your monthly label usage. They will appear on the SHIPMENT HISTORY page and in the Product Catalog.

Learn more about importing Fulfillment by Amazon shipments and inventory.

Can I automatically drop-ship orders to be fulfilled by Amazon?

Yes! If you know a specific SKU will always be sent to FBA, you can set up a shipping rule to automatically drop-ship the order. Learn how to set up this rule.

The ID number for my MCF order is very long, can I change it?

No. Order numbers are assigned by Amazon and cannot be changed.

If I change my FBA product to MCF temporarily, how will this affect my stock levels?

There should be two separate stock levels: FBA and merchant fulfilled. ShippingEasy does not automate a transfer between the two because Amazon controls FBA levels and merchants control merchant fulfilled levels.

Whenever there is a change in stock, you can choose to import products to update the stock levels.

Why didn't my orders get sent to FBA?

Before ShippingEasy attempts to send one or more orders to Amazon for fulfillment, we first check to see if any errors are returned by their system. Specifically, if Amazon is not able to fulfill your order(s), we will prevent them from being sent and instead display an error - as returned by Amazon - in our app.

Amazon errors will be displayed directly in the Drop Ship window. For example:


The following table outlines possible errors that will be returned by Amazon's fulfillment system if they are unable to complete a fulfillment request and/or ship out your order(s).

Amazon Error


InvalidRequestException: Seller is not registered for Basic fulfillment.

The selected Amazon Seller account has not yet been configured for Multi-Channel Fulfillment. Please contact Amazon support for help with configuring your account.

InvalidRequestException: No inventory available for Items.SellerFulfillmentOrderItemId:49f54d18-5480-4cdf-a3f4-41c979a9cc51.

There is not enough inventory available at Amazon to complete the fulfillment request and ship out the selected order.

InvalidRequestException: The request must contain the parameter Items.SellerSKU.


InvalidRequestException: the SellerSKU for Item Id: b61fae44-3119-4def-9f93-e85b1b4d9b89 is invalid.

The selected order does not contain a valid Amazon Seller SKU.


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