Print Postage Using NetStamps from allows you to print single stamp postage on sheets or rolls via their NetStamps system. Follow these steps to print your postage.

How To Print Postage Using NetStamps from

  1. Select the Mail tab.

    Stamps Mail tab highlighted
  2. Select Stamps in the Print On dropdown menu.

  3. In the upper right corner of every NetStamps sheet is a serial number. The serial number lets Stamps software set the style and format of your NetStamps.

    Stamps screen serial number highlighted
  4. Enter the Serial Number of your NetStamps label sheet.

    Stamps screen serial number entered and highlighted
  5. Choose whether to have calculate the amount of postage or specify the postage value for each NetStamp yourself.

  6. Use the drop-down menu to select the country you are mailing to.

    Stamps Mail To menu expanded and highlighted
  7. automatically sets the weight at 1 ounce, which is about equal to a letter with 5 pages. If you think your envelope may weigh more than one-ounce place it on your scale.

    stamps screen weight field highlighted
  8. Use the Service drop-down menu to select the USPS service you will be using.

    stamps screen service highlighted and menu expanded
  9. Choose the number of NetStamps you would like to print or select the Print All box to print an entire sheet.

    Stamps screen showing quantity of stamps to print highlighted
  10. Enter a Reference Number and/or select a Cost Code to track your postage expenses.

    Stamps screen showing reference number of stamps to print highlighted
  11. Load your blank NetStamps sheet in your printer. NetStamps sheets are symmetrical and can be loaded from either end but you must determine which side of the paper your printer prints on, the Top or the Bottom. Most printers have icons showing which side of the paper is printed on.

  12. Click Print Postage.

    Stamps print postage button highlighted

Congratulations! You have just printed your own postage stamps with Online.


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