Download One Balance Postage Purchase History

ShippingEasy partners with Stamps to provide One Balance rates. All One Balance label purchases are made via your Stamps account. If you would like to see a detailed breakdown of your label balance credits and expenses issued to your account you can obtain this information from

Get started by logging into your Stamps account at with your login credentials. 

Obtain Your Stamps Refund and Transaction History

  1. Go to Reports > > Balances.

    The navigation is displayed with the Reports tab and the Balances link highlighted.
  2. Set the following search criteria:

    • Report Type: Select the type of report you want to view.

    • Date: Set the date range for the data you would like to view.

      The date option is expanded displaying the available date options. All is selected.
    • Interval: You can change the interval through which to view data: Days, Weeks, Months, Quarters, Years. Interval is only available when selecting the Report Type Trend.

      The interval option is expanded showing the available options. Weeks is selected.
  3. The search results will populate on the Reports page. The data will include:

    • Beginning Balance

    • Funds Credited

    • Funds Printed

    • Funds Added

    • Ending Balance

    Confirm that specific refunds have been approved and credited back to your postage balance, follow the steps in the next section.

Confirm that Specific Refunds Have Been Approved and Credited

  1. Click on More Filters. Then select Status >> Cancelled from the list of available filters.

    The status filter is displayed with cancelled selected.
  2. Note the "$Shipping" amount and "Ship Date". Click the tracking number to find the service purchased. This will tell you which account to pull up.

    Shipment in history that is marked as cancelled
  3. Continue from "Step 2" in the section above (Obtain your refund and transaction history). Select the "Month" by referencing the "Ship Date" of the cancelled order plus 14-21 days (the time it takes to issue a refund).


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