Obtain Proof of Purchase for a One Balance Label | How To

From time to time you may need to obtain proof of purchase for a One Balance label, such as when filing an insurance claim or when disputing a purchase with a customer. You can find proof of purchase for a One Balance label by logging into your Stamps.com account.

  1. Click on payment method to open up Stamps.com.

  2. Go to Store Orders > Order History:

    Stamps.com page showing Store Orders then Order History marked
  3. Click on Continue Printing.

    Stamps.com page showing Continue Printing
  4. Hover above History then click on Search Print History.

  5. Enter the Tracking Number in the search bar on the upper left to pull up the label details or use the filter features to find the label:

    Stamps.com page showing search bar with a tracking number in it
  6. Click the row to expand the label details page, then click the three dots in the upper right and select Print Receipt.



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