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ShippingEasy's Product Catalog provides a centralized hub to store all your product information. Once you have added the product, you will want to keep the information up to date to ensure that your orders are updated correctly.

Removing Product SKUs

The SKU assigned to the Product listing cannot be edited. Only the details assigned to the Product SKU can be edited. If a SKU needs to be changed, consider adding a new SKU instead and marking the incorrect SKU as inactive. Learn how to remove a product listing.

Edit individual Product SKUs

  1. Click on the product "SKU" or "Name" you want to edit from the PRODUCTS page.

    product sku and item name marked
  2. From the PRODUCT DETAILS page, click the Edit button.

  3. Update the details of the listing. Learn more about product details.

    Product details with inventory

    When you finish updating the details . . .

Update multiple Product SKUs via CSV file

When updating products via a CSV file, ShippingEasy will review the file for new and updated items. New items will be entered as new product listings. Updated items will be edited to reflect the new information. This way, a file with a complete listing of all your products will work just as well as one limited to only products with updates.

That said, if your edits include SKU aliases and bundles, it works best to upload products in separate uploads. Separate uploads could include:

  1. All SKU details, excluding aliases, bundles, and quantities

  2. All Aliases, if applicable

  3. All Bundles, if applicable

  4. All Quantities (Remember: Aliases and Bundles will not need a quantity listed for them!)

SKU's cannot be deleted or changed. Rather, the SKU can be marked as "inactive". Learn how to mark SKU's inactive.

In order to update the Declared Value or Image URL, there must be a change to another field. You can update the value of an existing field or populate a previously blank field. For instance, if you need to replace an image URL, but only change and map the "Image URL" field, ShippingEasy will not recognize that there is new data. However, if you add data to another field, such as the "Warehouse Bin Location" field, ShippingEasy will update both fields.

Removing Product Images

If you need to remove any images from your Product Catalog, replace the "Image URL" with this URL: https://support.shippingeasy.com/hc/en-us/article_attachments/202989086/BlankProduct.png

To edit multiple Product SKUs via CSV file:

  1. Click the grey Add Products button and select Upload from .CSV. from the CATALOG. You must have your CSV prepared to upload.

  2. Click Browse. After selecting your file, click Upload file.

  3. Map the "Source Column" to the "ShippingEasy Column".  Then select Continue.

  4. Click the Ready button once ShippingEasy has finished processing the data.

  5. Edit any fields that require an additional update by clicking the field and an edit dialog will appear. Once all the data looks in order, click the Complete Upload button.


Your products will now be updated!


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