Obtain my Pay-On-Use Return Label Transaction History | How To

Pay-on-Use Return Labels

Pay-on-Use Return Labels are only available for accounts that requested access before October 1, 2020.

ShippingEasy subscribers with access to Stamps.com's Pay-on-Use Return (POUR) Labels can see a history of return label purchases and fees from Stamps.com as well as generate and export a report. Follow the steps for accessing your POUR Labels history and report.

Obtain Your Stamps.com Pay-on-Use Label History

  1. Click on payment method to open up Stamps.com.

  2. Go to Store Orders > Order History:

    Stamps.com page showing Store Orders then Order History marked
  3. Click on Continue Printing.

    Stamps.com page showing Continue Printing
  4. Hover above History then click on Search Print History.

  5. The History page will show each shipping label on its own row. POUR label costs will be listed under both the "Amount Paid" and "Quoted Amount" columns.


    Stamps.com combines the postage amount with the transaction fee of the POUR label. There is no way to break the amounts apart.

Export a Pay-on-Use Return Label Report

There are two options for generating a report for POUR label transactions on Stamps.com:

  1. The Stamps.com History page

  2. The Stamps.com Reports page

Stamps.com History Page

This report will show the following columns:

  • Quoted Amount

  • Amount Paid

  • Payment Type

  • Tracking Number

The data on the History page can be exported and filtered in an Excel file. On the History page, go to the top right of the payment list and click the icon to export the file to your computer.

Stamps.com showing the CSV export option marked

The Reports Page

This report will show the following columns:

  • Quoted Amount

  • Amount Paid

  • Payment Type

  1. Click the Reports tab then click Balances.

    The stamps.com navigation is displayed with the Reports tab and the Balances link highlighted.
  2. Click the Report Type link and select Transactions.

    The report type link is expanded and transactions is selected from the list.
  3. Click on Data and select the Filter option that allows for display/export of one or both of the following:

    • Pay-On-Use Used (Scanned)

    • Pay-On-Use Pending Use (Unscanned) Labels.

  4. Click the Save button to show the filtered results.



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