Add Multiple Packages to a Shipment | How To

ShippingEasy supports multiple packages within a single shipment for select carriers. This option is available for international shipments too!

Important information about multiple package shipments


  • Only FedEx, DHL Express, and pre-existing UPS account shipments are eligible. [Learn how to connect a carrier account].

  • UPS from ShippingEasy One Balance accounts are not eligible for multiple package shipments.

  • On UPS and FedEx shipments that specify carrier packaging (i.e. UPS Express Box - Small) for the first box of the shipment, adding multiple packages is not allowed.

  • USPS shipments are not eligible for multiple packages within a single shipment. However, you may use the duplicate shipment tool to generate multiple unique labels for a single order. [Learn more].

Domestic Shipments

  • Only specific 4"x6" label formats are supported for domestic multiple package shipments.

  • 4" x 6" Label, on thermal paper

    • label only

    • label with packing slip in tandem

    4x6 Labels on thermal printer
  • 4" x 6" Label, on letter page

    • 1 centered on page

    • 2 centered half sheet labels

    • 1 label on half sheet with packing slip

    • 2 labels per page

    4x6 labels on letter paper

International Shipments

  • Only one customs form for will be generated for the entire shipment.

  • Only the 4" x 6" Label option, for printing on thermal paper, is compatible. [Learn more about label settings].


How to add multiple packages to a UPS, FedEx or DHL Express shipment

  1. Create a UPS, FedEx or DHL Express shipment. Learn how to create a shipment.

  2. Set the Carrier to UPS or FedEx on the READY TO SHIP page.

    Select carrier UPS or FedEx
  3. Select the Packaging, Weight, and Dimensions for the first package.

    Select the packaging, weight and dimensions for the first package.
  4. Click the Add Package(s) link under the Packaging menu.

    Click the Add Packages link.

    Don't see the Add Package(s) link?

    Check that:

    • Your account's label settings are configured to a 4" x 6" label on a 4" x 6" page. [Learn more].

    • Your account has an active UPS, FedEx, or DHL Express account and that the Carrier has been set to UPS, FedEx, or DHL Express. [Learn more].

  5. Click the Add Package button to add a custom package to your shipment:

    Click Add Packages to add a custom package.

    Choose from your existing saved packages by clicking the drop-down menu. (The button will display a drop down from which you can select a saved package.)

    Select from saved packages by clicking the V button.
  6. Enter the package's Package Dimensions and Package Weight. (both are required). Add an optional Package Description if needed.

    Enter the package ​​​Package Weight​​​ and ​​Package Dimensions​​​. ​(both are required)​​. Add an optional ​​Package Description​​​ if needed.
  7. Click the Add button. (The MULTI-PACKAGE SHIPMENT modal will open.)

    Click the Add button.
  8. Click the Add Packages button or the drop-down menu to specify more packages or click Done to return to the READY TO SHIP screen.


    Multiple Packages on a Shipment

    Notice that after clicking the Done button to return to the READY TO SHIP page, the link indicates "Plus (#) other package(s)" in blue. This indicates multiple packages have been added to the shipment.

  9. Complete any remaining selections on the READY TO SHIP page and purchase the label as usual. [Learn more].

    International Shipments

    REMEMBER: For international shipments, only one customs form is printed for the entire shipment.

View Multiple Package Shipment History

Once the label has been purchased, a record of the multiple tracking numbers can be found in your SHIPMENT HISTORY. Click the button below the master tracking number to display the package details.


The ADDITIONAL PACKAGES modal will appear. Here you will find each package's tracking number and details.

The Print Button

The "Print" button in this window does not use your ConnectEasy settings - instead it always displays the shipment label in a new browser tab.

The Additional Packages Modal


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