How do I get existing LuLaRoe orders synced to my new ShippingEasy account?

Any LuLaRoe orders that were already Complete at the time that you integrated BLESS with ShippingEasy will not be sent by BLESS to ShippingEasy. Those older orders can be uploaded into ShippingEasy via the following ways:

  • Add Individual Orders Manually: This is the fastest way to sync orders to ShippingEasy that were marked as Complete in BLESS before you connected BLESS to ShippingEasy.

  • Import a CSV File of Your Orders: A CSV file is a condensed data document in which you can compile details for all your pending shipments. With a single action, you can upload all of these orders to ShippingEasy.

Expand the following sections to learn how to add your orders manually or import a CSV.

Add Individual Orders Manually

  1. The Add Order slide out will open with required and optional fields.

    shows manual order panel

    Expand Add Order Form

    You can expand the Add Order form to be a full screen form by clicking the double arrows at the top of the form:

  2. Fill in the fields you need for your order.

    The more fields you fill in, the more shipment details will be available in ShippingEasy. The following fields are required:

    • Paste Full Address: Paste the address or enter the address line by line under Shipping Address.

    • Add Items to this Order: If your Product Catalog is configured, type in the item name or SKU to see a list of matching entries. Select an entry to populate the rest of the line item details automatically.

  3. Complete the order via one of two options or Cancel to exit without saving.

    • Configure Label: Open the Order Details slide out to select a Shipping preset or manually enter the Service, Packaging, and Weight.

    • Add Order: Save the order to the ORDERS page.

    • Cancel: Discards the order.

Import a CSV File of Your Orders

In ShippingEasy, you can upload a CSV file of your orders that you have exported from BLESS. Learn more about exporting your orders from BLESS to a CSV file.


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